science innovate.

We’re the leader in EAS line in China and believes that the technology is the soul of the product, the quality is the life of the product, focuses on the research of EAS and owns many proprietary intellectual property rights in software and hardware. We have tens of Mathematics doctors, Microwave experts, Communication engineers, software and hardware engineers who can create more functional products according to the changing market demand.

no FP intact.

Started the research from 2011, We created All-Digital Acoustic Magnetic board which achieved low power dissipation, low radiation and wider detect distance, higher test rate and remote control. On the basis of the board, We designed new EAS products adding advertisement light box which is more delicate and functional and become the best choice for the department, supermarket, bookstore, video shop, drugstore and other retailers with open-shelf sales.

be realistic innovate.

We offer great products in quality, function and price and we aim to become the most competitive EAS company in china and around the world。

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