After service

After service

Remote aftermarket

To provide remote after-sales, such as equipment failure, the customer can control the device through the mobile phone APP device connected to the server, the company has someone on the line fault equipment remote troubleshooting and troubleshooting In addition, the company continued to improve the software, customers can download free upgrades software。

Manual door service

We have a professional maintenance team to provide you with on-site installation, troubleshooting, maintenance services, please at least 24 hours in advance booking, we will determine with you good time and other information, as soon as possible on-site service.

Reservation Phone: 0755-2692-6326

Service center

Service Center Tel: 0755-2692-6326
Please make an appointment one day in advance
Working Hours: 9: 30-12: 30 14: 00-18: 30
Address: Building 60, Block B, Building 5, High-Zhongxin Road, Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

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