Sincere recruitment

As the company needs to develop, I sincerely invite the following key talents to send the resume to the email address of the company
Hardware engineer 2people

Description of job

1. Bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years experience in analog front end circuit design

2. Proficient in mold, digital and electronic expertise and design principles, with the ability to independently develop products, with leading experience in project management is preferred

3. Has a wealth of analog front-end signal chain design experience, high-precision data acquisition front-end design experience better

4. Can independently complete the weak signal acquisition system design and debugging, operational amplifier circuit design, small signal conditioning circuit design


1. Write a detailed hardware design according to the overall project plan

2. According to the hardware design and the company's raw material standard design schematic

3. To guide the PCB engineers to complete the PCB layout and wiring design

4. Complete product commissioning and system intermodulation

5. Write the process documentation and debug the test record

Resume sent to hr:
Foreign trade clerk 5people

Description of job

1. To carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, take the initiative to develop foreign customers, e-mail, telephone, etc. to contact customers, contributed to the order transaction (the company has B2B platform and business data and other resources)

2. Responsible for Alibaba, China and other platforms and the company's official website of the product information release, update, timely response follow-up customer inquiries

3. On behalf of the company to foreign exhibitors

4. Other leaders of the temporary account of the work (acceptable graduates)


1. College degree or above, international trade, English major preferred, English level 4 or above, excellent written and oral English

More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade business, familiar with Ali International station operation, experience in exhibition is preferred, excellent graduates can be

3. Be optimistic, work seriously, proactive, responsible, with team spirit and sense of service, strong pressure, good professional ethics and literacy

Resume sent to
Domestic sales 5people

Description of job

1. Manage customer relationships and complete sales tasks

2. Understand customer needs, introduce the advantages and characteristics of their products

3. To provide professional advice to customers

4. Collect prospect data

5. Receipt of accounts receivable


1. Secondary school or above, majoring in marketing and other related fields

More than 1 year working experience in the sales industry and priority in the future

3. Outward appearance, strong ability to express, with affinity

4. Have a good sense of customer service

5. Good moral character and sense of justice

Resume sent to

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